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Hidden Universe

Code: ALG1068
Auteurs: Lans Lindberg Christensen, Robert Fosbury, Robert Hurst
ISBN: 9783527408665
Uitgever: Wiley- VCH
Uitgegeven: 2009
Taal: eng
Korte beschrijving:

Our eyes are the result of an evolutionary adaptation to the sun's light. Since the sun is a G dwarf and emits most of its light in only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum, our eyes are very limited in their capability to show us the universe. This book shows the fundamental change in our perception by covering the full spectrum of light.
From the contents:
* The view from the ground
* Space observatories - our new eyes on the universe
* The radio universe
* The infrared universe
* The ultraviolet universe
* The x-ray universe
* The gamma-ray universe
* The cosmic ray universe
* The future
The authors' unique skill in both science and science communication allows for a popular writing style, with an emphasis on what cannot be seen with our eyes. They make many comparisons with high-color images to reveal what is actually taking place behind the veil. They also make good use of their access to the most striking images in the field, creating full-color illustrations as needed. In addition, boxes and diagrams provide overviews of the instruments used.