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Astronomy: A Beginner's Guide to the Universe

Code: ALG0625
Auteurs: Eric Chaisson , Steve McMillan , S. McMillan
ISBN: 013733916X
Uitgever: Prentice Hall
Uitgegeven: 9/dec/97
Korte beschrijving: Designed for those with little or no scientific background, Astronomy 2/e has been streamlined throughout with a more open, user-friendly design. In addition, a free electronic multimedia version of the book is included with each copy. Updated throughout for the most current
and authoritative content and art available. New coverage includes searching for planets outside our solar system; the possibility of life on Mars and Jupiter's moon Europa; Galileo's data on Ganymede and Europa; and the latest studies on the possibility that comets brought water and complex molecules to Earth. Includes a CD-ROM containing electronic html version of text with hyperlinks, exclusive animations, videos, an interactive study guide, and the Microsoft Explorer web browser.