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Astronomy with a Budget Telescope

Code: WAA0550
Auteurs: Moore Patrick
Korte beschrijving: "This book is aimed at the beginner and gives comprehensive advice on the purchase and use of modest equipment, herein defined as costing less than £300. … Included are tables and color photographs depicting realistic telescopic views alongside the more lavish Hubble images of the same objects. … This book is well structured, giving the reader much useful information … ." (Andrew Barber, The Observatory, Vol. 123 (1176), 2003) "This is a first class book, clearly written and laid out in such a way that newcomers to astronomy and the practical use of telescopes that this book was primarily written for will find it easy to read and navigate through. … Very useful are the telescopic images … . A read of Messrs. Moore and Watsons book will be excellent preparation for anyone to read PRIOR to the all important first telescope purchase. … would make a superb starter for anyone new to astronomy!" (Philip Bridle, BBC Radio, February, 2003) "Patrick Moore’s name will help to sell Astronomy with a Budget Telescope to budding astronomers, and his chapters on where to point your telescope are invaluable to the first-timer, but it’s John Watson’s technical expertise that provides the bones of the book. … the book will give confidence to those investing their pounds, euros or dollars for the first time." (Mick O’Hare, New Scientist, January, 2003) "Sir Patrick Moore, the legendary TV personality and presenter of BBC1’s The Sky at Night, has linked up with Old Basing astronomer John Watson to write the book, Astronomy with a Budget Telescope. … Astronomy with a Budget Telescope tells you everything you need to know, from shopping for a telescope on a budget to setting it up and using it."