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Visit / Program

Every visit to Cozmix contains a projection show in the planetarium. This is a projection on our planetarium dome with spectacular images, showing a diversity of interesting astronomical subjects. One moment you fly over the surface of Mars, the next moment you are crossing the Orion Nebula and an instant later you are submerged in a gigantic galaxy.
After the full dome video show, a live presentation about the actual objects as visible in the sky is given. The movements of the Sun, Moon and the planets during the day and the year are illustrated. We’re sure you can recognise and discover the planets and the constellations on your local sky the nights following your visit.
After the planetarium part a guide accompanies you through the interactive exposition about astronomy. You pay a visit to the observatory where you can have a look through one of the telescopes. If the sky is clear, you can see the sun, solar spots and perhaps solar prominences. During an evening visit the landscape of the Moon, eventual visual planets and a spectacular nebula or the dim light of a distant galaxy can be observed.

Access prices for visitor centre Cozmix
  • 5 EUR for children and youngsters below 18yr
  • 6 EUR for adults
  • Groups of youngsters: 5 EUR per person (with a minimum of 75 EUR if the group contains less than 15 persons)
  • Groups of adults: 6 EUR per person (with a minimum of 90 EUR if the group contains less than 15 persons)
Below, please find the program of the fixed planetarium shows for the following days and weeks: