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Welcome to Cozmix, the visitor center
of Volkssterrenwacht Beisbroek vzw
(public observatory and planetarium)


Cozmix is the visitor centre of the Public Observatory Beisbroek (Bruges). A visit to Cozmix is a real thrill where individual visitors and groups are welcomed. You can admire the sky by day and by night. With our telescopes you can discover the moon, the planets, spectacular nebulae and distant galaxies. On our dome shaped projection screen in the planetarium, not only the stars and constellations are shown, but also the most spectacular video shows accompanied by appropriate music are projected with the full dome video system. Resulting in a unique audio visual sensation. Fly with us over the surface of Mars, and through the rings of Saturn ! Learn more about planets beyond our own solar system and eventual life in the universe.

Weather station

Cozmix is proud to present its professional weather station Vantage Pro 2. It shows internal and external temperature, air humidity, dew point, air pressure, wind speed and wind direction, solar radiation, UV index and precipitation.

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